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Herd Sires
Our boys are stinky but we love every bit of them.
It takes a special kind of kid to be left intact and we try to be as selective as possible when we bring in a new boy for live cover or AI. We count on our boys to bring the necessary improvements and maintain quality in our milking does. 

Oak Apple Max Rebo

Date of Birth: 02/25/2016

Sire: Proctor Hill Farm TO Go Daddy EEE 92
​Sire's Sire: MI Sugarcreek YO Toshiba
Sire's Dam:  MI Sugarcreek WM You Tube VEVE 89

Dam: Piddlin Acres BZ Whata Diva EEE+ 88 (permanent)
Dam's Sire: Lost Valley TB Bonzai
Dam's Dam: Piddlin Acres Queen of de Nile

Click here to view full pedigree
So excited to add this flashy boy to our herd! Max is named after the jazz musician seen playing for Jabba the Hutt in Return of the the Jedi. 
Confirmation of his parents is spot on and he has a full brother performing exceptionally well! Divia received almost perfect scores on her linear appraisal as 9yr old doe! Looking forward to seeing the length of body as he matures and hopefully he brings the longevity and milk production too. ​Thanks so much to Oak Apple Farms, Duva and Alex Appleman for breeding this boy the and giving us the oportunity to purchase him!
Pictured below:
 Diva with 2nd fresh udder then Go Daddy & dam You Tube 2nd fresh udder  
Photo's courtesy of Duva & Alex Appleman of Oak Apple Farms 

TX Twincreeks JF Featherduster

Date of Birth: 04/15/2014

Sire: Piddlin Acres BJ Jayfeather
​Sire's Sire: Castle Rock Blue Jay
Sire's Dam:  CH AGS Piddlin Acres WB Paprika

Dam: GCH TX Twincreeks SB Fairy Dust 1*M +EEE FS90​
Dam's Sire: AGS Piddlin Acres PM Simon Birch
Dam's Dam: TX Twincreeks SEM Evanescence

Feather is a big beautiful boy from the Twincreeks foundation. Twincreeks and Piddlin Acres are heavy in his pedigree, both farms I have admired ever since I started breeding Nigerians. I really like the body type you see in these lines, the width and openness contributing to high production. Fairy Dust is a perfect example of the Twincreeks quality being a phenomenal milker, producing 5.5lbs on a one day milk test to earn her *M. Feather's Paternal Grand Dam Paprika, appraised as a 12 year old in milk EEEE FS91! Love to see such longevity!
Thank you to Mellonee Grange for making this handsome boy available to us! We can't wait to get some daughters from him and believe he will be a great compliment to our younger buck Max Rebo.
Pictured below:
Dam: GCH TX Twincreeks SB Fairy Dust 1*M +EEE FS90 . Sire: Piddlin Acres BJ Jayfeather
CH Piddlin Acres WB Paprika 2013 ADGA Linear Appraisal: EEEE FS91 as a 12 year old doe!
Photos courtesy of TX Twincreeks farm

Buck Services

          Our boys are available for servicing does. All does must be healthy and free of parasites as well as tested for CAE and CL. No breeding will be considered if a doe is positive for either disease. These precautions are for biosecurity. Does appearing unhealthy will not be allowed to breed. We do not want to risk spreading disease to our entire herd.
          Pricing is negotiable depending on travel and availability of bucks. Starting price for does to be used in 4-H projects is $20 all other does $40 per breeding. If a breeding is payed for and the doe does not settle, breeding can be rolled over to a new year, different buck or different doe. 
Bucks Collected for A.I. 
We will have some exciting herd sires available that we can't wait to use!
AI is by far the easiest way to inject your herd with top genetics. It is not however cheep. We will be adding as many bucks as we can afford to have shipped to Montana. If you are local to Bozeman and ever want to try AI, please feel free to message us as shipping is much easier the more people join in. 

Dill's LD Derringer *S +B

Date of Birth: 4/10/2004 *Deceased*

Sire: ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw +*S,E
​Sire's Sire: MCH HBF Lucky Strik
Sire's Dam:  MCH/PGCH Raja Acres Twink's Pixie *D, E

Dam: PromisedLand CP Fiddle DeeDee 2*D,VG
Dam's Sire: ARMCH Ceasar's Villa CBS Cowpoke +*S, E,+B
Dam's Dam:  MCH Green Gate Lil' Red Riding Hood *D,E​

We are so excited to have Derringer as a potential herd sire. He is unfortunately deceased so semen is Very limited. His dam was stellar and all of his Sr. daughters are consistently amazing! Many of our does are also solid white or gold so not much color with any successful AI breedings but LOTS of milky white production power in his genetics. 
Derringer now has three daughters with LA scores of VEEE 90
Sire of 2010 ADGA National 2nd Place Get of Sire Group
Sire of 2012 ADGA National 1st Place Get of Sire Group
2012 Sire JuJu Award

Pictured below:
Dam: Fiddle DeeDee, 4th freshening
Daughter, Dill's D Blonde Bombshell 4*D/2*M, 3rd freshening Daughter, Dill's D Kitten Kabootle 3*D,3*M
Photo's courtesy of Chris and Ellen Dorsey of Dill's-A Little Goat Farm

PromisedLand CP Bounty Hunter +*S

Date of Birth: 11/10/2002 *Deceased*

Sire: ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke +*S, +B
​Sire's Sire: Stonewall's Midnight Cowboy +S
Sire's Dam:  Goodwood Mindy *D

Dam: MCH Green Gate Lil' Red Riding Hood *D E
Dam's Sire: MCH/PGCH Green Gate Cinderella's Prince E,E
Dam's Dam:  Green Gate Goldylox​​

I think Dill's-A Little Goat Farm says it best when it comes to this late and great buck.
"The genetics behind this guy are stellar! We expect Hunter to pass along high, tight, rear udders, near perfect fore udders, greater teat size and length, and awesome general appearance. His dam, the late great MCH Green Gate Lil' Red Riding Hood *D E was the most consistant doe in the PromisedLand herd, reproducing herself or better, over and over. His sire, the late ARMCH Caesar's Villa CBS Cowpoke ++*S E is out of consistantly great animals as well."​
Pictured below:
Dam MCH Green Gate Lil Red Riding Hood *D,E (deceased) First freshening udder with just a few hours of milk, 
Daughter SG Dill's BH Fancy Pants *M, Daughter Dill's BH Tumble Bug *M  VEEE 90
Photo's courtesy of Chris and Ellen Dorsey of Dill's-A Little Goat Farm

 CH Farm Oldesouth ZV Marquise *B,*S

Date of Birth: 01/19/2012

Sire: *B NC Promisedland S Zyvox *S
​Sire's Sire: CH Caesar’s Villa STS Sharpie +B,*S
Sire's Dam:  ARMCH/SGCH NC Promisedland SS Zoey 3 *M, 6*D,90 VEEE

Dam: SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M,4*D,+ DAR
Dam's Sire: Rosasharn’s TL Galaxy *SE ++B VEE
Dam's Dam:  SG / ARMCH Rosasharn’s Uni 3*D E​​

We love Marquise’s dam UDiamond, she is everything we want to improve in our herd! Marquise has earned his own though with many lovely daughters that carry his very strong genetic background. ​He is a finished champion and has 4 direct relations on the 2015 ADGA top 10 breed leader list. He is a result of combining some of the richest bloodlines in the Nigerian breed. Look forward to using him on next year's crop of doelings, hoping he will add some overall width in the hind end as well as passing on his outstanding stature.  
Pictured below:
Dam SGCH Rosasharn GX UDiamond 3*M,4*D,+DAR, 
Sire: *B NC Promisedland S Zyvox *S, Daughter SG Farm Oldesouth M Sun Bright 4*M, 5*D 2 years 2nd fresh
Photo's courtesy of Terry Babb of Oldsouth Farms

 CH Oldesouth Blue Blanc Sabr

Date of Birth: 04/01/2011

Sire:  AGS Oldesouth Shell Foop
​Sire's Sire: +*B Rosasharn MR General B +*S,+DAR
Sire's Dam:   Little Tot's Estate Oldebutter

Dam: SG LTE Silene 1*M,*D, +DAR  LA 2011 90 EEEE
Dam's Sire: AGS Woodhaven Farms Rand Mcnally
Dam's Dam:   AGS Echo Point Divinity ​​

This buck is out of SG LTE Silene 1*M,*D, *DAR, 2011 LA 90 EEE at 7 years of age, sired by  Oldesouth Shell Foop, who is a General Son.  Blue Sabr is a fine, clean lined and long bodied, blue eyed buck.  He has substance and his daughters are showing excellent capacity. 
He is 2015 LA 88 VVE.  *** BEST IN SHOW Sr Buck in ring 4 at Delta Dairy Goat Show in LA!  ** Last Championship leg won 6-5-15 at 4 years of age.
Pictured below:
Full Sister: SG Oldesouth Sunshine 2*M AR, 2*D AR 2714, 2+DAR with 2nd fresh udder 
Sire: AGS Oldesouth Shell Foop and his paternal sister SGCH Oldesouth Blue Amber 2*M AR,  2*D AR 2711, 2+D
Photo's courtesy of Terry Babb of Oldsouth Farms

Heaven’s Hollow Gideon

Date of Birth: 05/15/16 *polled

Sire:  Simple Pleasures Keene Bop
​Sire's Sire: Garden 'N Goat Rock N Java
Sire's Dam:  Simple Pleasures C Boston

Dam: SGCH Wyojem Wendy Kiki  91EEEE
Dam's Sire: AGS Wyojem Velour Martini
Dam's Dam:   AGS Wyojem Vikki​​

Gideon is a very correct young buck out of the 2013 National Grand Champion Wendy Kiki. Wendy has been a favorite for a long time and we have been waiting for the opportunity to get genetics from this doe. As an 8 year old scored 91 EEEE on her LA's and was on the ADGA top ten milkers list for 2014. She has numerous other show wins and to top it all off, she passed on the polled genetics to Gideon. So excited for the opportunity to use this golden boy!
Pictured below:
Wendy Kiki at 2013 National Show, rear view of gideon. Sire Keene Bop as a yearling buck and paternal sister SGCH Simple Pleasures CF Dottytude
Photo's courtesy of Jill Whomble Heaven's Hallow Dairy Goats 

*B Castle Rock Rime S*

Date of Birth: 03/03/2012

Sire:  +*B SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage*S Elite Buck '15 & '16
​Sire's Sire: +*B Castle Rock Tanzanite *S
Sire's Dam:  SGCH/ARMCH CRF Castle Rock Alum Root 3*D 1*M

Dam: SGCH CRF Castle Rock Blizzard 1*M 3*D
Dam's Sire: +B Lost Valley KW Stetson +*S
Dam's Dam:   Castle Rock SnowFlurryCeanothus2*D​​

There is so much going for this nice little buck it's hard to know where to start....We are so excited to add the Castle Rock genetics, Rime is a solid and wide buck with an incredibly milky background. His dam is an ADGA top preformer, his maternal sisters include Castle Rock Black Ice and Castle Rock Snownamie. Snownamie is dam to the 2015 ADGA National Champion Flash Flood  a paternal sister to Clevland Sage who is Rimes' Sire. Full circle this buck has got the record and is producing excellent daughters of his own. We can't wait to see what he will add to our heard!

Castle Rock Saraband

Date of Birth: 02/08/2016

Sire:  Castle Rock MoonRaker *S
​Sire's Sire: +*B SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage*S
Sire's Dam:  CH CRF Castle Rock Moon River 3*D 

Dam: GCH Castle Rock Sarafina 2*M 2*D 
Dam's Sire: ++*B Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay ++*S
Dam's Dam:   ARMCH/GCH Esperanza WS Sara *D 1*M ​​