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The central purpose and role of the American Dairy Goat Association is defined as:

a. To collect, record, and preserve the pedigrees of dairy goats by maintaining herd books and issuing certificates of registration and recordation of dairy goats;

b. To provide management, genetic, and other related services to members and the dairy goat industry including the supervision and publication of official milk production records of dairy goats and issuing certificates of production;

c. The promotion and regulation of matters pertaining to the history, publicity, breeding, exhibition, and improvement of dairy goats.
A super helpful web site for those who are interesed in knowing what to call all the crazy colors Nigerian kids can be born with!
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Planing for your own kids?
Use the AGS Gestation Calculator! It's easy to use and can help you narrow down when your goats will kid.
Valley Vet is is great recourse for farm and first aid supplies. We order a number things from this website and have never been disapointed.