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Coyote Kidz
First Fresheners 
This is our page for up and coming milkers. This is where a couple of years of planning and work really start to show results. While many does don't fully mature until they are two or three, it's nice to see how the young girls develop. We try to be patient and to give every doe the chance to show us what she can produce!

Coyote Kidz RB Catwoman

Date of Birth: 09/5/2016

Sire: DesertNanny AB Rocket Boots
Grand Sire:DesertNanny UMA Astro Boy
Grand Dam: DesertNanny BR Fairy Floss 2*M

Dam: Coyote Kidz Blue Opal
Grand Sire: ​AGS Prairie Wood Sir Issac Newton​
Grand Dam: AGS Coyote Chocolate Sunday

Pictured below:
Opal as 2yr old 1st freshening then Rocket Boots & dam Fairy Floss 2nd fresh udder  
Grand dam photo courtesy of Sharon Warren and Deasert Nanny Nigerians